• Extended possibilities of use for webbing lifting slings
  • Protection of the webbing from mechanical and chemical damage
  • Extension of service life
  • Quality control of material feasible due to transparency of webbing
  • Highest level of workplace safety, since coating cannot be removed


STOBITEX - PU Coatings are applied directly to the lifting belts. The material and properties are the same as those of the STOBITEX - PU Protection Sleeves.

In this way the highest levels of protection are afforded during the lifting process. The coating can be applied to all belt widths up to 300mm. Coatings can be single as well as double sided. In order to offer the required protection against cuts, the coating thickness should not be less than 5mm. An advantage of the permanent nature of the coating is that the belt cannot be used unprotected. The material is the same PU Elastomer that is also used in the protection sleeves.
There is the additional possibility of protecting the vulnerable lifting eye and hook areas. Coating the lifting eye areas up to the reinforced webbing is also possible with loop belts. The hooks can be treated in various ways:

Loop Coating: the loop is protected by a thin PU coating. (The loop remains fully flexible).

Stiff loop coating: similar to loop coating, but loop can no longer be moved (important if the belt is to be pushed under pressure).