PU  Collision Protection Cladding

  • Collision injury prevention
  • Warning effect
  • Universally mountable
  • Easy to apply due to self adhesion

STOBIFORM - PU impact protection cladding can be used wherever there is a requirement to protect edges, corners, shelving, tables etc from damage. Particularly sharp corners or edges should have it applied in order to prevent collision injuries such as head injuries on shelving edges. STOBIFORM - PU impact protection cladding is particularly suited to storage facilities. It reliably prevents collision injury.

STOBIFORM - PU impact protection cladding is made of a forgiving PU foam material and is marked with yellow stripes for better visibility. It is available in 3 versions:

a) Corner protection cladding EP for the treatment of 90° corners.

b) Edge protection cladding KP for the masking of projecting edges (T Shapes).

c) Flat surface cladding FP for the protection of flat and round surfaces.

The cladding is self-adhesive (EP and FP) or can be secured to the surface (such as T Shapes and glass plates) to be treated (KP). The cladding is delivered in 1m pieces and can be seamlessly combined. In the case of the corner protection cladding (EP) 90 pieces with two or three branches are available in order to provide total coverage of areas such as table corners.