PU Colour-Coded Protection Sleeves
according to DIN EN 1492-1/2

  • High structural rigidity

  • High resistance to abrasion

  • Extremely cut resistant

  • Very good elasticity

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Very good recognition

  • The best protection for double layer slings


Now the proven STOBITEX PU Protection Sleeves are also available coloured-coded for 2 layer webbings from 1 – 10 tons. Colours meet DIN EN 1492-1/2 for marking the load capacity of 2 layer webbings up to 10 tons.

Advantage: because of the colour, the load capacity of the retracted webbing is clearly visible from afar. This provides better safety for  the person attaching it.

The risk of using unsuitable webbings is reduced.