PU Form Parts 

  • Form parts made of hard foam
  • Form parts made of soft foam
  • Form parts made of integral foam
  • Form parts made of elastomers
  • Form parts made of duromers


Polyurethane (PU) is characterised by its wide variety of applications. Form parts made of soft, hard or integral foam are possible to manufacture just like parts made of elastomers or duromers.

Polyurethane has a number of advantages:
- Always the same manufacturing process despite the variety of applications
- Low form costs
- Therefore low production costs - small quantities are possible
- Inexhaustible variety of shapes

We produce:
1) Hard foam parts up to 5 Kg
2) Integral foam parts as buffer or form parts
3) Elastomer foam parts
4) Foam filling of hollow bodies and injection mouldings
5) STOBITEX elastomer form parts for various applications
6) Hard duromer form parts