PU Protection Clip Profile

  • Suitable for extreme loads
  • Protection of lifted items and lifting sling
  • Simple handling – can be assembled on-site
  • Application area anywhere where the use of edge protection is not possible due to space
  • Excellent for clipping into coil centres e.g. slit strips
  • Also particularly suitable for round sling protection

When lifting relatively thin plates, mouldings or profiles, it is often not possible to use the PU edge protection.

If the use of protective sleeves is also not possible, due to limited space for example, then the use of PU protection clip profile is recommended.

The U - shaped profile can be cut slightly with a special rubber knife to the relevant length and is clipped onto the sharp edge before lifting. 

This makes lifting sharp-edge steel plates, T-beams and L and U profiles safer.

After use, simply remove for the next use.