PU-Fork Lift Truck Prong Protection

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High shock absorption
  • Noise reduction
  • Cost minimisation
  • Optimum load protection


STOBITEX PU Prong Protectors are designed to protect both load and prongs from damage.

STOBITEX PU Prong Protectors are manufactured from a high specification PU Elastomer with a hardness rating of approx. 80 Shore A. It is soft enough to muffle noise (transport of boxes etc.), yet rigid enough not to be crushed or cut by extreme loads. It also has strong anti-slippage properties due to the elastomer.

This excellent protection is available as a permanent coating (for which the prongs, however, need to be sent to our factory) and as an attachable sleeve. The latter can also be fitted with a rear hook, which prevents it slipping off the prong. A moulded U shaped bracket is used to attach the sleeve to the prong, and also prevents excessive stretching or crushing of the polyurethane.

As protection for the rear side of the prong we recommend the use of a magnetic PU elastomer foam impact protector (measuring approx. 425 x 70 x 30 mm). It is easily attached and removed at any time owing to 2 embedded round magnets. When not in use it can simply be attached to any magnetised parts of the truck in order to be readily available.

Typical uses include:

Transport of
- Turned parts
- Moulded parts
- Stainless steel plates
- Painted or enamelled containers
- All parts that need protection against scratches and dents during transport.