Handle Protection Brackets (DE-GM)

  • Material: durable PU elastomer
  • Fabric within the handle area optimally protected
  • Extension of the life span of handle tapes
  • Polyester reinforcement hose can be omitted
  • Thus saving manufacturing costs


STOBITEX PU handle protection brackets offer optimal protection of the polyester webbing within the handle area. Damages particularly occur to the fabric when "subsequently sharpening" the belt tapes. The heavy handle presses on the fabric, which is literally sanded on. This area was previously provided with a Fabric reinforcement, which had to be sewn on.

The new handle protection bracket saves this processing step. The belt material is shifted easily by the opening and the handle protection bracket placed around the handle. Afterwards the belt is sewn as before. This handle protection bracket consists of the well-known STOBITEX PU which is extremely resistant against wear and abrasion. It is almost indestructible. The handle protection brackets are available for standard handle for belt widths up to 150 mm.